Heidi are you again with me and it means that today we're gonna make very good profit thanks to the technical analysis and I'll indicate today I decided to choose the Arista indicator  we've already traded with it but I want to remind you what is it what is the signal and how to open the trade correctly we've written a lot about your experience about your practice at home and it is a very great news for me actually you write to me to the telegram chat but also I've noticed some notes some comments under the videos in the comments and thank you so much for all this feedback for all these questions and your stories because this is real Improvement that my strategy that I'm given to you it really works and it helps guys to make money and also guys I have the clothes chat where we discussed the trading issues where I give the pieces of advice and the trading signals as well and I'm inviting to join this close chat to trade with us you have to find the link in the description under this video and write to me the code word private and then I will add it to this private chat and you will be trading with me in one team and if you're ready to start out trade into overclock the deposit and understand how their assigned the key works you have to push the like button right now and subscribe to the website.

so hi guys today I decided to show you trading with a resigned Decatur uh if you don't remember this is the indicator of technical analysis it helps to determine the strength of the trend and its change so to activate to switch it on first of all you have to click this button and here you see the menu of indicators you have to check choose the RSI indicator I will leave everything by default will not change anything just make the movie Never just a little bit thicker for you so and after this child you can see the indicator display this is the two horizontal lines with 1730 marks and the moving average of green color well the signal to open a trade when the moving average green color is crossing uh the 30 result line from bottom to top it means that the price will be risen in the near future and when for example the moving average is crossing the horizontal line of the seven turmeric from top to bottom it tells us that the price will be moving down and also in some situations you can open trades from the horizontal line so you shouldn't wait for the crossing yeah so it  

For those of you who are proficient, let's hone your skills together by studying the following. Of course I will remind you again that if you are new to the binary options trading business, you must and really have to learn for one month using a demo account first. therefore those of you who want to register your personal account please follow the steps below:
1. First, please click on this official link and proceed to register

~Register for an Accounts on Quotex

~Register for an account on Binomo

~Register Account at Olymptrade

2. Enter your email and password (recommended to create a long password)
3. After submitting the registration, please confirm your email and proceed with logging in.
4. Your account has been made. For those of you who are beginners, please open trades on a demo account.
5. If you are an expert, please deposit via the bank method according to your respective country, you can also use crypto.

I want for today and continue next day so this indicator helps to determine the oversold and overboard zones and understand where Believers will happen from what zone so I think that you have got enough information for yourself if you haven't I'm inviting you to my telegram chat so the first indicator is a another very good indicator that will help us to combine it with technical analysis of course it can have some errors as you already know but but if you first of all look at this Market situation yes you're an Enlighten it and you're not hesitating about that you know how to open the transactions correctly and you see that indicator confirms the center points that you've already found so guys I'm inviting you again to my telegram chat find the link in the description under this video and write me the code word Target I will add it to this private chat and you will start your work already today so get don't forget to subscribe to the channel put your like write in the comments what you would like to see in the next episode your feedbacks as well so and I'll see you next time.

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