hi guys my name is Emma and today we will be trading with Odyssey currency peers, because this is an amazing weekend but we want to make money and I will also use the trade indicator called ball in Japan we've already discussed this indicator and I see that you're interested in it, because you asked me lots of questions and I want to show you masturbations connected with the using this indicator and of course I want to thank you. for all your questions for all your feedback and  I see that you're very very fond of trading of all these indicators and of trading with me in one team in my close chat if you're not a member of this closed chart yet I recommend you to become this one because I post their trading signals and my guys take the signals and open the transactions.

For those of you who are proficient, let's hone your skills together by studying the following. Of course I will remind you again that if you are new to the binary options trading business, you must and really have to learn for one month using a demo account first. therefore those of you who want to register your personal account please follow the steps below:
1. First, please click on this official link and proceed to register
~Register for an Accounts on Quotex

~Register for an account on Binomo

~Register Account at Olymptrade

2. Enter your email and password (recommended to create a long password)
3. After submitting the registration, please confirm your email and proceed with logging in.
4. Your account has been made. For those of you who are beginners, please open trades on a demo account.
5. If you are an expert, please deposit via the bank method according to your respective country, you can also use crypto.

traders who want to practice a lot but they practice a lot only in their heads and they do not know what to do but I recommend you just to start just to do something and after that it will be much easier and also my trading clothes chat will be the best idea for you if you really don't know what to start with find the link in the description under this video and write to me the code very private and I will add it to this close chat and you will understand what to do finally and maybe already today you will close your first trade with very good profit so guys thank you so much for watching this video subscribe to the channel put your like write in the comments everything you want to know your feedback your requests everything and I'll see you next time

Watch the following learning video:

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