TUTORIAL DEPOSIT QUOTEX (Crypto) | Binance to Quotex 

Do you guys know? about deposite from crypto ? Yes, this time we will discuss how to deposit on a quotex account to be able to trade. but if you want a deposit from your respective country's bank but it is not available then you can use another alternative, namely crypto transfer from the binance wallet to the quotex account.

Trading in binary options is very easy, but if you don't have a technical basis for analysis, it will cause you to lose your capital which was initially profitable but instead loose. This loss is very dangerous, causing mental illness who can't wait to take revenge for defeats or experience loose trading. Therefore we oblige you to see the video tutorials that we have posted and we summarize in a clear and concise manner. if you already have basic knowledge that you can hold you can get dollars every day even with small capital by obeying the rules and good money management, you will definitely get rich quick.

let's start discussing how to start making a deposit on a quotex account. first of all for those of you who don't have a quotex personal account~ remember, a personal account with a name that matches the id card of your respective country, you must REGISTER A MANDATORY ACCOUNT THROUGH THE LINK WE HAVE PROVIDED IN THE MENU "how to start trading" or you can click the link below and the link below is the official link that has been given from quotex directly to us because we have been trusted as great traders every time we always get the maximum profit. here is the link link. 

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Steps to deposit a quotex account using a binance wallet:

1. of course what you do the first time you have to log in to your personal account, don't forget to make sure you have two-step verification so that your account will still be safe from hackers or people who try to enter your account.

2. You will see the initial page enter a chart, then you select the deposit menu contained in the header section, your click is directed to the deposit menu like this.

3. then you select which crypto you want to deposit, make sure you have a crytpo balance in the binance wallet address, then a page will appear like this, you enter the nominal to be deposited.

4. after you enter the nominal amount to be deposited you will get a crypto wallet address as you choose, then copy your wallet address and then you log into your binance account or similar crypto wallet. after that select transfer crypto to the wallet address that you copied earlier from quotex.

after transferring your crypto, wait a few minutes until there is a notification that your balance has been entered. For more details, you can watch the video below carefully. Happy watching, I hope this article can help you continue to support this article :) continue to follow this website



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