Really love this trading i adore it cause you know starting with one dollar we've been able to make five and a half thousand dollars. Hi guys welcome back to my platform my name is  emma and we continue our trading on binary options so you remember how we did our best how we made  the first and we really made the progress so you know today I want to do my best again and I don't know what price I want to achieve actually but we will try we will really try to do everything and if you want to know more uh trading signals trading techniques and secrets my not my own secrets so write me in telegram the code word private and I will add you to this special private chat and I will tell you everything I know and even more so don't forget to subscribe to the platform put your like write your comments and we are studying so I will try to overclock my deposit from one dollar during the day let's see how much we will be able to reach and in order to delay this video i will speed up the trades and make comments on some of them 

indeed trying is a lot of obstacles that must be passed many failures and maybe you also experience losses, make the word "this is the cost of my learning" with the positive word causing a sign of enthusiasm in yourself personally. Don't worry, where there is a storm, there will definitely be a rainbow after that, like the word when you fail, you will find a solution and you will be successful. keep in mind that trading at quotex is one of the fields of business that can be said to be quite easy but must have basic knowledge so it is not careless to trade in binary options.

okay guys let's start this lesson. Before starting, I remind all of you who are reading this article, if you don't have a quotex account yet, you must register your personal account via the link that we have provided officially directly from the quotex platform itself, you can find it on the menu how to start trading then you click the quotex account register link.

so let's see the first situation here there is a resistance level as well as the support level we also can see a strong price drop i think the price will drop to about these values so i suggest entering here for the time period of two minutes i think this time's gonna be enough for me now i'm gonna enter with my one dollar and every trade i want to enter within my entire deposit so guys let's open the first trade and wait for its result so guys the first trade is about to close and yes it's closing net positive i think we can enter another trade but wait until price drops down to the support level and then i can enter with a trade with up one minute is enough here so let's check it guys i'll trade closed in the profit level has worked perfectly so let's find another situation.

here we are entering from the support level for one minute with up i suppose it's the ample time so let's check it so guys it's a dangerous situation but everything is fine the trade is profitable again let's keep on so here you can see the horizontal resistance level there is a good chance here there is a strong unidirectional upward movement so i want to enter here with up for one minute only and with my four dollars i think we'll be able to close in the profit.

yeah that's awesome we got our profit so let's keep on so here we have a strong unidirectional upper movement so we're entering with up for one minute due to the trend so guys here you can see the mirror level the support level i'm entering the trade with up for one minute and let's wait with what result it will close this time so here there is a little pullback and we're getting profit.

let's keep on here you can see in notice at the support level so i'm opening the trade with up for one minute let's wait for its result so it's a dangerous situation but everything'ps erfect the price is going up the support zone works perfectly and our trade class net positive we can choose another situation so guys here there is a middle level mirror level the resistance level has become the support one the price is approaching it from the top down so i'm entering the trade with up and one minute is enough i suppose and let's wait for it to close and our trade is closing in the profit again oh my god my luck that's awesome so here at  the top there is a resistance level i think that the price will continue to approach this level and further it can break it through i'm gonna open the trade for three minutes with up and with 142 dollars.

well and that's awesome cause all traits are not positive i really love this trade i adore it cause you know starting with one dollar we've been able to make five and a half thousand dollars oh this result is really crazy because you know it's not uh easy to make five thousand dollars  and but we managed we really managed and i can tell you only one thing come to my telegram write me the code word private because i've got some more interesting situations you know another interesting moments and videos that you haven't seen before but you can get this chance and just write me subscribe to the channel put your like because this result is really crazy and you can get it too you can make it too and you know this is not so uh scary process actually because really you can see one dollar we got and five thousand dollars we made so it's perfect. this is a very long explanation guys, maybe we will give you a video tutorial, you guys will understand quickly, guys, for that watch the video tutorial below



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