it is very easy if you know about this quotex trading. trading at this quotex you can use a fairly short time from trading in general both in trading crypto, forex, stocks and the easiest thing to get a lot of money is trading in binary options you can make transactions in a fairly short time. that's why we recommend a quotex and pocket options platform, not much different from trading on the quotex platform and on the pocket options platform.

now we from the doesflash team will share an explanation of how to get dollars from the initial capital of $ 200 to reach $ 2000 + in a fairly short time of 14 minutes how can that be??
read on for our explanation. but first we remind you. If you don't have an account between the two quotex and pocket options platforms you can register yourself according to your real name. for how to register you can click on the link from us which has been confirmed officially from the quotex and pocket options platform. please look for the how to start trading header menu on that page there is a link to register, but if the link is not clicked you can click on the following link:
list of latest quotex accounts 2022 september. After you register your personal account, you can directly verify two steps so that your account is safe from people who don't want to be responsible. after that you can immediately make a deposit of at least $ 20.

let's discuss how to get a lot of profit in a short time. we provide a strategy that is 99% accurate will definitely get a profit. You must and must apply the following rules:

1. if you are a beginner then you should be able to do some learning about money management first, so that you can be calm in trading. it should be underlined that this is really a very high risk of losing your balance if you don't implement a strategy but only guess the price according to your individual feelings

2. Determine which strategy is suitable for you when you use this strategy you are quite calm and feel that you get a lot of profit

3. You have to be smart about managing your finances, if your balance is thin enough, you should never open a larger position, for example, if a trader A has a balance of $20 but he wants to get a profit of $40 it is very possible but when he opens a position Half of the capital is not allowed, which is $10, if the balance capital of a trader A is $20, it will be certain that a trader A will suffer a loss.

4. Set your profit limit each day at least 5% of the balance, if you are an intermediate in the analysis that is determined with a minimum of 1 year experience then you can increase the profit limit every day.

the following is proof that we traded with an initial capital of $ 200 to get a large profit of $ 2000 + the following picture:

above is our profit after trading for a short time to get $2000 for you if you want to see more clearly how we analyze using our main strategy the point of support and resistance lines, you can see the video below. for that, continue to support us, follow us and share as much as possible so that friends who want to get rich quick can easily just sit and analyze a share candle, we need your help and support so that we are even more enthusiastic about sharing our experiences and strategies. Use! see you meet again at team. 



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