50$ to $550 | Best binary options strategy

 Easy To Get $550 From $50 

How to get dollars with a few modals on Trade Binary Options 

you certainly know how best to multiply money, raise money, save money in the investment world, many people are rich because they invest their money in livestock. But one way for money to grow a lot is that you trade, namely buying and selling digital assets. this time the sale and purchase was at the exchange rate of the currency pair on the binary options platform.

let's just discuss one by one. First we have done a direct analysis on the qoutex broker. in this broker is very easy to analyze the price will move where? the method cannot be separated from the point of the support line and the point of the resistance line.

in this analysis to pursue the target of $550, we do it without any tools or other names, the indicators here will be proven that the support and resistance line technique is very accurate, almost 99.9% will get a profit

in the picture above shows that the capital we deposited is 53.02 USD, let's say the round capital is 50 USD. you can see the chart above is forming very good candle stick patterns, why? because both the green bullish candle and the red bearish candle are formed without a shadow or a tail. therefore in this market we can open trade.

the reason why we decided to open an up trading position is because the monitoring point is still above there is a distance from the candle that will open an up position.

very easy isn't it?? to open a trade with the analysis of support and resistance lines. and finally we get profit.

the market above also shows a very good pattern which will be corrected later because a candlestick pattern movement does not always go up but can go down for a moment, therefore we can open a sell trade for more than 2 minutes, let's see what happens next ?

and finally we get profit again according to the analysis. it's quite easy to get or earn money sitting down and just doing a simple analysis of course we will get money from the profits we have analyzed. for those of you who are interested you can try to learn first on a demo account so that you know in advance how the system is to make transactions. register yourself via the link that we have provided in the top menu, namely Registration or in the How to start trading menu there will be a choice of brokers that we recommend for you and actually pay. you just click on the image or link that will lead to the official website of the binary options trading platform. For more details so that you can understand each explanation, you can watch the following video:



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