My god it's perfect you know this overclocking is freaking awesome amazing hi guys welcome back to our platform and thank you so much for support for your likes for subscribes for your messages in my telegram because we've made a good conversation a good trading signals in my telegram and if you want to know what kind of signals are there just write me in the telegram the code word private I will add you to my special private chat and you know there you will become the very potential, trader exactly this video we are going to overclock our deposit and we are going to do our best so subscribe to the platform put your like.

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we are getting started so guys i'm gonna describe you the situation happening at the market right 
now let me show you this horizontal level is the resistance level the price has been reaching for some time and there was a good rebound and next I suppose the price will continue approaching this level and then it will break through this level  today we're again trying to overclock our deposit and our balance now is 15 and i'm gonna end with the entire deposit i'm choosing three minutes time on up okay let's enter the trade and wait for its final result the weather will be able to overclock our deposit or not so let's start it.

okay guys we have only few seconds left and our trade is closing in the good profit this. level has been eventually broken through as we've expected from our technical analysis so let's search for another situation as soon as i find it i will come back to you again so. 

 guys look here there is the resistance level the price has strongly reached this level and so we're quickly entering with down i think the time for one minute will be okay the randall candlestick is pulling back and we're entering with down I think one minute is enough for our price to pull back from this level and we will get a small pullback so guys let's see what happens this time so guys our trade is successfully closing in the profit this level has really worked well. 

we got a little pull back not so strong one but anyway we have taken our profit so now we are working on another station here we also have the support level and we can see that the price has been touching it several times this level is quite strong the price has dropped quite a lot from this point now at this moment we can see the price moving towards this level  i think there is a chance here and i think we're going to enter for one minute with down the price will have time to reach this level and our trade will have time to close in the profit the fall we will enter the trade for a decrease here and watch how situation works this time this level is quite strong and we will succeed.

here so guys i'm entering the trade for one minute with down let's watch this process now we are waiting for a small pullback here is a green candle appears and in fact we can.

enter the trade with down well we have opened this trade for a decrease and we will see with what result it will close this time there is a good pull back from the level but a minute was enough for our trade to close net positive so we keep on now trading and i will search. 

for another situation and get back to you so guys here there's the strong and powerful support level and this level is really quite strong so we do not hesitate to enter the trade with up for one minute and i think this time is enough so let's wait for this trade to close.

so our trade is coming to its close and yes it is closer net positive and we're getting the good profit and this level works perfectly so let's find another situation so guys here we also can see the support and resistance levels at this moment the price is at resistance level either it is continuing to move to the lower level or now it will be reaching but the region is already happening or there will be a further breakout of this level i think so here i suggest entering with down because i see a breakout of the level is happening let's wait and let the price break through this level after the breakdown the price tend to pull back so here we will try to enter the trade with down and then get a small pullback i think three minutes will be enough here even if there is a small increase we will still have time for the price to fall down so guys let's see how it closes this time well guys i think one minute would have been enough here but i've done it with a little.

reserve why not in any case i'll trade closes in the profit and as always after a break out there is a small pullback and this pullback has been the great chance for us the level worked out perfectly after the breakout there was a pullback so let's check another citation so guys here i entered the trade with up because this is a mirror level now of course there is a little draw down but i entered with the reserve for three minutes because this level is the mirror one the price has already broken through it several times at the moment we see the price is approaching at the level and now for this reason i've entered the trade with up and i did it with time reserve of three minutes and i did it right because we see a drawdown occurred let's see how this trade closes but i think there will be a good impulse here so let's see what we get so guys only few seconds left and our trade is closed in the profit as i've expected there is a pullback but not so strong as i assumed but anyway the price is rising up and we are getting our profit so guys it's another situation and here we can notice the highs and if drawing a line.

it's obviously the resistance level at this moment the price is at the resistance level i think for this trade it will be enough to put one minute time and i assume we will have a small pull back the price is approaching now level and i think we will let it touch the level oh here it's touched perfectly and we're entering the trade with down for one minute so let's check if it works out well this time well guys our trade is closing in the profit and as i've expected we got a little pull back.

and that is a very good actually so i think we can open one more trade it will be the last for today because i have i think we've overclocked our deposit quite well let's find the quite  interesting situation and check now how we can work this time so guys look it's a good situation and now i found this level and this level is quite strong the price has already pulled back from it several times and at this moment the price has approached this level and started pulling back i think here there's gonna be a quite good pullback and i want to enter the trade with up for three minutes we've entered this with eight hundred dollars in fact this if this trade will end up in profit i offered to finish our training for today because we'll get quite good deposit okay guys let's see how this trade closes this time and see what the pullback from this level will be so guys our trade is going to close there is a very little time left there's been a pullback but not so strong as i've expected it's a dangerous situation but our trade is closed in the profit wow my god it's perfect you know this overclocking is freaking awesome amazing oh my god from 15 bucks we've made one thousand and five hundred dollars in 30 minutes really i'm shocked you know i'm super shocked and i can tell you only one thing if you want to do the same if you want to make the same just write me in telegram write me this words kind of the code word private and write me emma i want to make money with you right now if you want the same result do it do not hesitate do not wait from i don't know universe powers to hear you because nobody would hear you only you can hear yourself and do that right here and right now oh my god i'm super shocked that this exact result i love so guys i really love this overclocking and i really like to be here with you and to tell you these things and to show you all this process and if you like this video put your like right now subscribe to the channel write in telegram do not hesitate as i told you before because i really want you to make money to be uh not just happy to live the life that you would like to live through really it's very important it's the most important thing for you and for anybody around you.



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