Hi guys I really happy to see you here again with me and I'm sure to day we are goin to have the great training but you know thank you so much for your support and for all your messages to my telegram because you know I've created my own personal private chat where I post all the trading signals that can help the chat members to earn their own money so but if you want to join this special private chat just write to me in the telegram the code word private. 

and I will add it to my special team of successful traders so don't forget to foolow to the website to put your likes to write your comments and we are studying so guys today we continue our trading and as usual i'm doing that on aquatics platform and we're overclocking our deposit again. 

today our starting deposit is ten dollars and I want to make it about one thousand dollars. so let's do our best and make this effort also I will sped up or cut off the moments where i'm awaiting the trade results so that you can enjoy the video and my trading. 

so guys, I remind you again if you really want to be a trader who can benefit from trading binary options, you have to be serious about learning this knowledge and there must be basic knowledge as a guide. if you want to make this business as a side it's okay but most importantly you have to be sure, try to continue to learn about technical analysis because it's a shame if you don't start a business in this field this business is a field of money that you can double with the time it takes. briefly but you need to know you must really understand at least one technical analysis of support and resistance lines.

for those of you who have a personal account but have not joined our private telegram group, please contact us via telegram immediately. but if you don't have a personal account on your quotex account you can register yourself via the official link from us that we have listed on the HOW START TRADING menu above, you click register quotex account, after you register it would be nice for you to verify two steps so that your account safe from irresponsible people.

so let's enter the first trade here i see the powerful movement to the level we're entering. it with up because i think that the price will go on approaching this level and will start to break.
it as i've told you i'll speed up the trade and get back to you when there's a new entry point
so guys we have just a few seconds left until our trade i think will close in a good profit .

yes everything is fine we have the first profitable trade so guys let's keep on our  
trading and let's go to another station. 

in this situation we're having an ascending triangle I assume that at this moment. yes I really think that here we will have an exit from this triangle here you see the uptrend line I have pointed it out to make it clearer to you here we will put the horizontal level and if you look at this line it is horizontal level and most likely now the price will break out this level so i'm ready to enter a trade with up we're opening a trade with 10 dollars not the entire deposit but half of it. In order to protect ourselves so that we can have the opportunity to recover our losses so guys now I'll put a horizontal line for your understanding and we'll see how our regular trade closes. this figure is called the triangle now I'll make it a little brighter for you so that you can see it better and we have ended at this triangle because now they're gonna be an exeter of the triangle okay guys let's speed it up and see how this trait.

well we have just a few seconds left and our trade is confidently reaching profitability. and we are getting another money making trade so let's keep on our trading so here we will have a price range.

we see the up line the upper level there is also a level line the lower level. The lower level is the support level the upper one is the resistance level and our task is to enter from the upper level to a decrease and accordingly from the lower 2 and increase. The price enters our resistance zone so here I'm entering the trade with down and we will look how it closes. Guys we're entering with down  let's speed it up and come to the result. Guys we get our another trade and the profit everything's cool and our resistance zone. Worked well the price bounced off this zone. Down really perfectly so let's search for another situation and i'll get back to you. 

that is a very good situation we're watching right now we're entering the trade with up the price has dropped down to our main level and as you can see below there's another leve. The support level that's why here i open the trade with up let's see how it closes this time. Guys it's great we again get the profit. Although we've entered at the level and  the price dropped even lower down but the price grew in five minutes and we're getting the profit.

let's keep on our trading and search for the next situation watch what's happening at the  market we may have to wait a little but you won't notice that so here's the new market situation you can see the price range as well as resistance and support zones. 

let's wait until the price approaches one of the zones and then we will enter our trade. Guys i see the price is approaching the zone of support and here we will enter with up. Guys we've entered the trade with up for 80 dollars let's see with what result it will close. Well guys we are getting the profit again support zone worked really well  

so let's search for more situations and work with them well we're entering the trade with up here the price is approaching the resistance zone i think we have enough time

there is a powerful movement you can see all the candlesticks are green and therefore i think that until the price reaches the zone and start to roll back. We will have time to close this trade in the profit at least i really hope for that so guys our trade is closing literally on the verge in the last seconds but nevertheless it's not positive maybe we have overdone it with time it would have been better to enter for two minutes  or even for a minute but in any case our trade clause in profit so let's keep on and search for another entry points here again there is the price range and you can see the support and resistance zones at this moment the price is approaching the support zone. Today we have already opened such trades so let's wait until the price come to our zone and we will enter the trade it's not good to open ahead of time. Since we're here we will open the trade for a rebound from the level. so guys we're entering the trade for 250 dollars and watch how it will close this time so well only one minute was enough here the trade closed with a good profit.

level worked perfectly and again we are getting our money. Guys here you can see the downtrend it's the yellow trend line and it is  clear that the price is touching the line and bouncing down from it and here i think we will try to enter our last trade for today and we will finish our trading i think two minutes will be enough here we don't need much time and as soon as the price approaches our level we will enter the trade with down so let's get it so guys we have only one second left so that's awesome today our trading is brilliant and all the trades are profitable we managed to overclock our deposit from 10  to 832 and i love this result so guys it's been a nice trading and i guess you like it too and if you want to make money just write to me in telegram the code word private and you will get even more interesting and useful techniques to make your own money right here and right now so don't forget to subscribe put your likes write your comments and see you in next videos



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